Our team is comprised of dedicated and experienced professionals who are committed to collaborative, evidence based practice.  Meet the team!


Justine Anderson - Principal Psychologist

Justine is a passionate psychologist who has over 22 years experience working in the field of child & adolescent psychology. With experience in both metropolitan and rural settings Justine brings fun and playfulness into her evidence based practice and uses innovation and technology to help children & young people make changes in their lives. Justine works with children & young people up to the age of 25 years.

Dr Renee Carr - Clinical Neuropsychologist

Renee is an experienced psychologist having worked in the field of educational psychology, child & adolescent psychiatry and in her own private practice. Renee provides neuropsychological assessments and therapy to children & young people.

Mark Glowrey - Family Therapist

Mark is a Clinical Family Therapist who works with families who are experiencing a wide range of difficulties. Mark is passionate about supporting and strengthening families using evidence based family therapy frameworks. Mark also works with individuals and conducts intake appointments at think.grow.connect.

Megan Wisewould - Provisional Psychologist

Megan is an experienced clinician who has worked for over 8 years with children, adults and families providing service across a range of issues within the mental health system. Megan aims to provide an experience which is open, friendly and above all purposeful to assist individuals and families in their journey to better understand themselves and their relationships. Megan is currently completing her Masters in Professional Psychology and is supported by our principal psychologist in her role as a provisional psychologist. You may meet Megan as part of an intake session at think.grow.connect.

Liz Harbridge - Mental Health Social Worker

Liz is a highly skilled and experienced social worker who has worked in a variety of public and private settings. She is passionate about her work and provides evidenced based therapeutic services for young people and adults. Liz also provides intake sessions as part of her role at think.grow.connect. She has a special interest in family therapy.

Our Admin Geniuses

Alysha Hunt - Practice Manager

Alysha heads our fabulous administration team. Alysha is highly experienced and guides our skilled admin team in supporting a unique service meeting the needs of the region of Gippsland.

Maddi-Lee Edwards - Administration

Maddi is our administration genius. Maddi has a wealth of knowledge about how our service may help your child or young person. Ask her anything and she will often have the answer!

Shantelle Allgood - Administration

Another administrative genius. Shantelle guides individuals and families through our service while keeping staff organised and on top of their game!

meet the skilled professionals who run their own practices from our building.

Kara Di Dio Speech Pathology

Kara is an experienced and passionate speech pathologist who has a special interest in early childhood intervention and autism assessment.

Dr Soumya Basu - Child & Adolescent Psychiatrist

Dr Soumya Basu is a Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist who is well acknowledged in Gippsland for his expertise in Youth and Adolescent Psychiatry. Dr Basu has trained in both India and Australia and has more than 20 years of experience in Psychiatry. Dr Basu is fluent in Bengali, Hindi, and English.